About the Company

Spears Pacific is an innovative product design & Manufacture Company based in Perth Western Australia.

Using the best Industrial design engineers in Melbourne and Manufacturing in China, we have a commercially focused ‘problem-solving’ approach, this has proved that inventive thinking and rigorous engineering techniques produce better products.

From initial concept through to manufacture, Spears Pacific create inspiring products and new brand identities that offer real value and bottom line benefit.

We invent, innovate and design our own products, manufacture and sell to wholesale, commercial and domestic markets world wide.

If you have an inspiring idea, design or would like a specific product imported please feel free to contact us we will be happy to help.

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About the Designer

 John Spears is the director of Spears pacific, he is passionate about inventing technology and showing it through form. He is an Electrician by trade and has always enjoyed creating and inventing new and easier ways to do things. It was through his own experience and frustration that many of the products that he develops are created to make the job easier and more time efficient. With hands on from initial concept through to manufacture, John produces world class products of the highest quality.