The Blue Monkey Template Level



Design excellence in a new generation product

A tedious task facing Electricians during project fit-out is the creation of numerous holes in wall linings for connection of power outlets and light switches. The opening must be rectangular, accurately positioned and not vary too far from optimum dimensions. Marking out can be taxing and time consuming and often suffers from being delegated to an apprentice. The Blue Monkey template level has a positive impact on the performance of this task saving time (which, on site, means money). It speeds up mark out operations, improves accuracy and reduces rework on a task that may be repeated hundreds of times on a project.

The Grip of Innovation

An innovative approach was required to address problems with the traditional centre grip, which placed fingertips close to the mark-out edges, so that they often interfered with the path of the pencil.  Rethinking the grip completely (realising that an edge would provide a better grip for finger tips than a surface) led to a new ‘floating’ grip that provides a finger position well clear of the pencil path, without increasing overall size. The separation of the grip delivered a further bonus in allowing the application of contemporary styling and signature colour not possible on the functional mark-out plane.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

The Blue Monkey template level exploits the injection moulding process to the maximum, to eliminate subsequent manufacturing operations and minimise assembly time.  Using integral moulded assembly features, it avoids screws and eliminates a previously required gluing operation.  Assembly can be performed top-down so that each component is only handled once.

Wholesale supply or buy a Blue Monkey

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