The Mitre Mate Angle finding tool

The Mitre Mate is an angle measuring tool that mechanically works out the angle to cut a
mitre joint to achieve an even angle. The Mitre Mate has a straight edge and a ruling edge
these are used to mark the material needed to be cut for example cable trays, skirting
boards, cornices and woodworking joints. The Mitre Mate also has an angle indicator to
show what angle the unit is set at and what angle the mitre is being set to. There is a
spirit level to help find level walls or to make a mitre level from an angled surface.

It is as easy as pointing the pointer in the direction of which way you would like your material to go, then tighten the thumb wheel and tracing a line on the ruler arm, flipping the Mitre Mate over and repeating the process. Then simply cutting out the material.

Please contact us for a video of the tool in use.

Coming Soon

The Mitre Mate is in its final stages of design, if you would like more information or register your interest in the product please feel free to contact us.


mitremate deck.jpg